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Family Law Attorney Susan Alexander, P.S.

Many legal matters have quiet beginnings, including Family Law issues. When people form a unique relationship through marriage or a legal partnership, Family Law sets forth certain regulations that are designed to strengthen and benefit various family relationships. Children, parents, and others may look to the legal system for help with a variety of family matters, especially if there are disputes that need resolution.

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Family Law is the main focus of attention at the Law Offices of Susan Alexander, P.S. We work with people from King and Snohomish Counties who need an experienced Family Law Attorney to resolve family matters. Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, Financial Support, Visitation, and Rights are important areas of interest for many couples. Attorney Susan Alexander and her law firm's services are devoted to helping people resolve even the most complex family matters in a way that supports the family structure and upholds the best interests of her clients and their minor children.

Attorney Susan Alexander

Susan Alexander is a hard-working, dedicated professional. She earned a 1991 Juris Doctor Law Degree, graduating with cum laude honors from Gonzaga University School of Law. She gained valuable experience immediately, working as a law clerk for the Eastern District of Washington United States Attorney's Office and later with the Nevada Supreme Court. From 1993 to 1995, she served as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in the Civil Division of the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office. After opening her own law firm in 1996, Susan centered her law firm's work on the practice of Family Law.

Washington Family Law Attorney

Our Washington Family Law Attorney offers clients compassion and experience in handling the most challenging family cases. We work closely with clients to learn about their unique legal problems, so we can help them make important decisions and create solutions that benefit our clients and any minor children that are involved in these difficult and emotional conflicts.

For some, mediation and friendly agreements or modifications are all necessary. Other cases are very complex and may also involve serious problems like domestic violence. When litigation is required, we provide fierce legal advocacy and determination to win the case. Our goal is to work with clients to achieve an end result that upholds their rights and goals.

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