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Washington Family Law Attorney Susan Alexander

In 1991, Attorney Susan Alexander earned her Juris Doctor Law Degree, with cum laude honors, from Gonzaga University School of Law. She has been licensed to practice law in Washington State since 1991. Attorney Alexander began her law career as a clerk with the United States Attorney's Office in the Eastern District of Washington. She later served as a Judicial Law Clerk in the Nevada Supreme Court and as a King County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. Susan opened her own law firm in 1996 and has continued to serve people in this area with her extensive knowledge and skill in the practice of Family Law.

Washington Family Law Attorney

During her career as a Washington Family Law Attorney, Susan Alexander has provided legal services to thousands of clients from King and Snohomish Counties. People with family disputes find answers and solutions to their unique problems as they work closely with Susan. She helps her clients make difficult decisions about Divorce, Separation, Child Custody, and other family issues that impact all members of the family unit. Other issues of contention that require competent legal advice or representation include Child Custody, Financial Support, Visitation, Rights, and Domestic Violence.

Resolving family matters is often a very stressful, emotional time for all members of the family. When there are minor children involved, we and the courts work diligently to provide solutions that also are in the best interests of those children as well as the parents. Preserving and protecting rights and reaching desired goals are the focus of our work on behalf of clients.

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