LAW OFFICES OF Susan Alexander, P.S.: 5-Star Reviews

Excellent lawyer 5 STARS High Quality

I was referred to Susan by someone who was in a domestic violence situation with children like myself. Susan is an EXCELLENT 5 Star lawyer. I was extremely satisfied with her services and not only that – she is a kind, caring and very understanding person. She worked very hard on my difficult case and was my champion and my mentor in helping me move forward with my life. She's a solid lawyer and well worth it. – She deserves at least 5 stars because she is a fantastic domestic violence lawyer helping women like me. Thank you Susan.

- A Client

Great litigator

Susan is a great advocate for her clients. I am impressed by her knowledge and her tenacity.

- Family Client

Excellent Attorney

Susan represented me during a very difficult time and fought for me against someone that most attorneys were afraid to go against. She showed tremendous kindness, patience, and empathy towards me, something that is, unfortunately, extremely rare in the legal profession.

- A Domestic Violence Client

Experienced and Excellent

Susan Alexander was an absolute blessing to my life. Susan came highly recommended to me in the beginning of a complicated and emotional custody battle. It only took one phone call to realize that she was the person I wanted in my corner. I came into this situation without much in-depth knowledge of the family court system, and with an extremely high level of anxiety regarding both my dealings with my ex, and with the outcome of this case.

Susan was there for me from the start. She respected my autonomy by allowing me to express myself and my desired outcomes, while prioritizing my priorities. She truly cared about the end result of our case. She helped me to create an effective strategy in managing interactions with my ex, as well as a legal strategy that was effective in the courtroom.

My anxiety regarding this situation was almost paralyzing. My ex wanted to take our toddler for a great deal of time and bring him into an environment that I did not feel was safe. I was completely blind-sided by my ex's hiring of an attorney and requesting up to 4 nights a week with our son. Once I explained my complicated situation to Susan, she made me feel as though there was light at the end of the tunnel. Never had I considered lawyers to be compassionate, but that is exactly how I would describe Susan. Compassionate and strong. She was ready to go to battle for me.

I must also speak to Susan's experience. Susan has been licensed for over 20 years and that wealth of knowledge is apparent in her dealings with the family court system. She was honest with me regarding what she anticipated the outcome of our hearing to be, and strategized in order to achieve our ultimate goal. She was exactly correct in her predictions and got me exactly what I wanted.

Susan did it all, and I truly consider her a blessing to myself and my family. The legal battle with my ex will continue into next year, and I would want no one else to represent me or my child's best interests. When this situation began I was completely devastated, but with Susan I found hope. And thanks to her continued and effective level of excellence, I have found confidence as well.

- Simone

From child support through post secondary

Susan helped me traverse the family law system for over 12 years. Thankfully with years and years between needs. She, without exception, was professional, helpful, and not pushy to litigate. (Something I highly value.) Having a long-term established relationship was important to me so the initial explanation and case history was there. She is level headed during personally challenging and emotional periods. I most definitely recommend her.

- Debra

Excellent Attorney!

I hired Susan after interviewing several attorneys. She has a great professional and direct approach. Her style is similar to my own, be factual and direct – no need to be nasty. Divorces can be done professionally – thanks to Susan! She gave very good legal guidance, and did well for me. She guided, suggested, talked situations through with me, and offered plenty of examples to help me work through this process. I also chose to work with Susan because of her pre/post nuptial experience and background. Since there was a post-nup and children involved with my divorce, it was important that my hired attorney was well versed in laws pertaining to those agreements. Susan's experience and conversational approach definitely helped me through this process.

In addition to her abilities, she has an incredible network of colleagues (thanks to years in the business) that you will find very helpful as well. She is a great connection and an excellent attorney.

It is funny to say, but it seems like she would be my friend even if it wasn't a business relationship. That's probably a strange thing to write in a review, but that's a GREAT thing to say, after a divorce is final. To feel like your attorney was a "friend" is a very high compliment. A friend that can really hold her own in a legal setting….I am very happy she was sitting on my side of the table. Good luck with your attorney search!

- Jennifer